Hire Us to Set Up Wireless Connectivity in Your Home, Foster City, Ca

A happy client from Foster City, Ca wrote ZettaComm Technology Integration a 5-star review on our yelp page about a job we did for her to enhance her wireless internet connectivity. Joanna said:

Shawnon and his team, Chris and Evan, came to our Foster City, Ca house to help figure out the pre-existing and new Ethernet and cable wiring in our 2 story home. This required tracing multiple wires and then splicing together wires to make the appropriate connections. Additionally they mounted our wireless access point in the attic and optimized the signal. Finally they installed a recessed wall box and wall mounted a TV in our den. Shawnon's team was extremely professional and they pride themselves on doing quality work. We were very happy with the overall experience. The end result is that we have now have had several weeks of perfect internet connectivity and no issues with our wired or wireless internet access anywhere in our home. We are happy we found ZettaComm Technology Integration and highly recommend there services.

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Since the strength of your wireless internet is the method of connectivity for many smart home, computer and entertainment devices, insuring your home network is a strong one is important! When you have wishy-washy internet connectivity, it can be disruptive to your experience with technology so it is very important to insure you have a strong internet connection and wireless network in your home.

In Joanna’s case, her home is a 2 story house which can cause connectivity issues depending on where the modem is and where she needs the internet to reach. Ideally, the entire home including the outside radius of it would have a strong internet connection so that no matter where she is at in her home, she doesn’t have a problem connecting to the internet and using her wireless devices. Home network routers are often the cause of wireless connectivity problems so insuring you have the best router possible is important. In Joanna’s case, we wired her entire home with multiple wireless access points that gave her sufficient coverage upstairs and downstairs and spanned the front and back of her property. No matter what route we take, based on your home size and shape, in-home connectivity is a necessity for smart home systems and technology. Smart home automation systems are getting more complex and requiring more internet connectivity that is traveling wirelessly and it’s important that you have a strong internet connection and network backbone.

Here at ZettComm, we can assist you with insuring the wireless connection throughout your entire home or office is strong and unfaltering and we specialize in turning homes into smart-homes, utilizing automation technology to allow you to control everything with the touch of a button from wherever you are, even if you’re not home. For instance, we can help you with automating your thermostat/climate control, your door locks, your garage door, your audio and video throughout your home, your Jacuzzi or heated pool and more! If you’re interested in strengthening your internet connection throughout your home or office and converting your home into a smart home with automation technology, fill out the contact form on our ZettaComm website today!

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This blog will also be a great resource to learn about the many ways you can integrate technology and upgrade your home with automation no matter where you live in the world but if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like our help to transform your home or office into an automated one, fill out the form on our website to learn more! We will update you on the latest and greatest technology that will transform your home into a smart-home so that with the push of a button (from anywhere you are), you can control almost every technological feature of your home including your lighting, your speakers throughout the house, your TV’s, your thermostat, your door locks, your garage, your heated pool or Jacuzzi, your home theater or your office presentation room! These automation features not only help with convenience, but they help you save energy, time and money! We can even help you set up a security system and surveillance system in your home or office and not only can you view your surveillance cameras anytime on your smart phone, your laptop or your control panel, you can control it too! ZettaComm Technology Integration is based in San Mateo, Ca but we spend most of our time working on beautiful homes in Silicon Valley and have many stories to tell about how we integrated technology in high-end homes to make the lives of home owners and business owners easier and automated!